Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hunger Games Series!

     Hi peeps, sorry for the super long wait! You've seen my post on The Hunger Games! (hopefully) I have also recently read Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I really loved Catching Fire! It was a very exciting book, and I thought had an awesome plot! The next book, Mockingjay, wasn't as amazing as the other ones in my opinion. Yeah, there was still some action, but I think Ms. Collins killed to many people! I'm not going to tell you who dies, but some of them are cool characters!!! Anyway, if no one died I would have loved the book . I hate when books make me cry. (Yes, I did cry because of this book!) I would give this book a 4 out of 5. I'm probably just complaining because I hate it when people die, but you guys should definitely read this series.
P.S. There is going to be a movie, so get reading!*Phae Phae*


  1. you have to be kidding me! A movie?

  2. Noperdoodle, I'm not kidding!!!(see what I did? I used yeperdoodle except I put in nope! I'm a genius!)


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