Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beautiful Creatures

     It took me awhile, but I finally finished Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.  I have to say it was kind of confusing for me, but that is probably because I kept reading and stopping and reading and stopping. I really like Beautiful Creatures and I CAN'T wait to read Beautiful Darkness. Okay, here is my review:

     Ethan Wate met Lena Duchannes and couldn't stay away.  Lena is a Caster (a witch), who has a cursed family. When she turns sixteen, she will either turn Good or Bad. She is afraid she will go dark like all of the others in her family tree. Lena's birthday is one of the only things she fears. The other is losing Ethan. The two have a connection never seen before. A mortal and a caster can not be together. It never works. Ever. But yet they pull through. Fighting their families, their community, and the darkness. Is it too much for them to handle? With normal teenage problems, historical flashbacks, experimental spells, and all the other caster stuff, Ethan and Lena have a lot to deal with. With Lena's birthday looming in the near future, how will Ethan and Lena stay together? Will they be safe? *Phae Phae*

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  1. very nice little review phaedra! You need to remeber to update your GoodReads! lol


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