Monday, January 31, 2011

Angel Burn

     Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly... my first Net Galley book. (Also called Angel.) Let me just say that it was pretty darn awesome! Haha. I hope your weekend was good. Mine was busy with volleyball, so I'm really tired and sore... Here's the review! (Sorry for the blurry picture! This is the cover that was on Net Galley, but there is also an original cover. You guys will have to search it to find it because I am having trouble getting it on here with my computer!)
*****5 Stars

     Willow is human. Or is she an angel? It turns out that she is a half-angel. The only one of her kind. Being half-angel gives her a gift. The ability to "read" people. In other words, she can see their past, present, and their plans for the future.
     After Willow reads a girl in her class, she finds out that there are angels. Bad angels who suck the energy out of humans. Angels that want to take over the world. Willow tells the girl not to interact with the angel, but she does anyway. The girl's angel finds out that Willow knows that they are trying to dominate the world, and the angel spreads the news. Willow is now trying to be killed by all of the angels, and the only person who can help her is Alex, the angel killer.
     When finally Alex gets Willow away from immediate danger, they find that it is hard to get along. Willow was practically kidnapped by a complete stranger, and Alex has to be on alert all the time, just in case Willow is really a dangerous angel. By the time Alex and Willow express their true feelings, a plan is made. One that is supposed to destroy the angels. One that is very dangerous for Willow. Alex gets angry because Willow is going to put herself in danger. He lets her go without even saying goodbye. Will he ever see her again, or will the plan kill Willow? *Phae Phae*

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