Monday, January 3, 2011

Fixing Delilah

     My first review of the year is going to be... Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler. This was a good book. It's not my favorite, but it's up towards the top.

     Delilah never knew her dad. It was always just her and her mom. She was alone a lot of the time because her mom was very secretive and had become a workaholic. Delilah had accepted her life. She was giving minimum effort in everything. It had been that way for along time, but her life changed that summer. The summer when her grandmother died, and she had to go to Vermont. The summer in Vermont changed Delilah's life, and she realized that she could do so much more with her life; she could be happy.
     While in Vermont, Delilah started to find clues as to why she and her mom never visited her grandmother. She got curious and wondered what lies her mother had told her. Delilah went and talked to her mother, and she found out the truth. It turns out that she didn't necessarily want to know the truth. Delilah was hurt, and she turned to her old friend, Little Ricky. He comforted her, but she realized that she had to go back and talk to her mom because no matter what, they were family, and family is always there for you. *Phae Phae*


  1. When did you read this? You NEVER told me! I'm so hurt!This is my book! Good review by the way!

  2. You told me to read, so I read it!


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