Sunday, January 9, 2011


     This review is for Jolt by Saba over at Saba's Awesome Reviews. I'm just going to say... it was awesome. I was sitting on my bed reading as fast as I could because nothing was turning out as I expected. I'm soooo glad I got to read it. Unfortunately this book isn't published, so it isn't available for reading. (Unless Saba gets it published.)

     Brielle Easton is new to Oakwood Boarding School. Despite being hated by the richest, most popular girl in school, Bri is having a great time. Her friends are great, and her boyfriend is even better. She didn't think that anything would go wrong at school, but bad things start happining. Someone is trying to get to Bri, and that person isn't going to stop until they find her.
     Brielle has a strange problem. When ever she touches her friend, Kim, she passes out, but she doesn't just black out, she has a vision. A vision of a man. A man who has been spotted around school. A man who is looking for her. Bri and her friends are trying to find more information about the man before he starts hurting people, but they don't. A girl from Oakwood is killed, and everyone suspects the man. The problem is, the man is too sneaky to find.
     Things go from bad to worse when Kim is taken. Bri and her friends have to save her before it's too late, but they find out that they suspected the wrong people. Or did they? Will Kim be okay? Will Bri find the courage to face the killer?*Phae Phae*


  1. You'll have to give this to me next! Good Review! I need to get my story edited but no one will read it!


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