Monday, January 24, 2011


     Nightshade is an awesome book written by Andrea Cremer. I'm not going to lie, this book was very predictable, however,  it was another GREAT book.
*****5 Stars
     Calla is a leader. It is her job to take care of her pack and keep them in line. It is also her job to mate with the other pack's alfa. What if she doesn't want to do her job?
     Everyone wants something different from Calla. Her mom wants perfection. Her mistress wants finesse. Ren wants a mate. Her pack wants a strong leader. And the new guy in school wants to get to know her. Calla feels like she has to meet everyone's needs, but she is having a very hard time doing it. She belongs to Ren but is drawn to the human Shay. Shay has questions, ones that Calla isn't supposed to answer, but in one moment of danger, the truth comes out.
     With the help of Shay and a forbiden book, Calla learns that the leaders of her world have been lying to everyone. She now has more than one enemy, more than one person to love, and more than one decision to make. Who will she trust? Who will she love? What can she do to keep everyone she loves out of danger?


  1. I enjoyed this one too. And the cover is just fabulous!

  2. thanks for stopping by and following my blog! i loved this book as well!


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