Friday, August 13, 2010

Despicable Me!

     Hi guys! Yes, this review is about Despicable Me! You guys probably think I'm insane, but I did like the movie! It was really cheesy and humor was terrible, but I love kid movies!
     Despicable Me is about a not so evil villain that can't impress anyone. He goes on a mission to "steal the moon." While doing this, he meets his enemy and three orphan kids. At first he uses the kids to get back at his nemesis, but he starts to actually care for them! In the end... I'm not going to tell you the end!
     I really like the littlest orphan girl, Agnes, specifically when she says, "It's so fluffy, I'm going to die!" I just really find it funny! I also like the minions even though you can't understand them!
This is my favorite part of the movie:
Thanks for reading! Enjoy! *Phae Phae*

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